About Dr. Seetha S


Background Information

Dr. Seetha is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than 29 years of experience in providing emotional and behavioural health care services to multicultural children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in Singapore and in other countries, such as, the United States of America, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Nigeria.

She received her clinical training at the University of California, at Berkeley (Bachelor's degree in Psychology) and the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus (Master's and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology), USA.

Over the years she has provided services in a variety of settings, including general hospitals, specialised children's hospitals, private clinics, schools, community mental health centres, non-profit organisations, non-governmental humanitarian organisations, and academic institutions. The following represents a few of the organisations and institutions where Dr. Seetha has provided therapy services, clinical consultation, presentations, workshops, trainings, program development services and engaged in teaching, supervision and research activities:

  • Centre for Effective Living, Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre
  • Psychiatric & Behavioural Medicine Clinic/Ang & Kong Clinic, Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre
  • Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)
  • Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA)
  • Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre
  • National Care Hotline, Ministry of Social and Family Development
  • Singapore International Foundation, Sri Lanka
  • United Nations Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Lagos, Nigeria
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Lagos, Nigeria
  • Primary Children's Medical Centre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • University of Illinois Hospital, Chicago, Department of Paediatrics, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Chicago Department of Health, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Institute of Human Development, University of California, at Berkeley, USA
  • Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Campus, Illinois, USA

In addition, Dr. Seetha has served as a Human Diversity Expert to the California Board of Psychology and as a Mental Health Advisory Board Member to the National Asian Women's Health Organisation, USA. She has been affiliated with the American Psychological Association for over two decades and has been admitted to the California Board of Psychology, USA.

Dr. Seetha is a regular guest speaker at international conferences on the topic of voice hearing in children. Her book, Did You Hear That? Help for Children Who Hear Voices is currently available in English, French and Portuguese. Dutch, German, Mandarin, Tamil, Sinhalese and Arabic versions will be available in the near future.



Professional Philosophy

Dr. Seetha strongly believes in maintaining genuine respect and unconditional positive regard for her clients. She uses a non-judgmental and empathic style to assist clients she works with to better understand (i) why a child, teenager, adult, couple or family is experiencing emotional distress and/or behavioral difficulties, (ii) how this may be clouding one's ability to reach his or her full potential, and to develop (iii) new coping skills and techniques to enable optimal functioning.

It is Dr. Seetha's belief that interpersonal relationships, environment, family, culture, individual personalities and character traits impact a person's emotional, behavioral, and psychological wellbeing. Consequently, she conducts a very thorough evaluation of the various aspects of a person's life in order to accurately identify what it is that is causing the discomfort and how to help the client alleviate it. From her perspective, individuals, couples, and families often find themselves caught in cyclical behavioral patterns that prevent them from functioning as well as they would like to at work, home, school and/or social settings. Because each individual, couple, and family is unique and their respective needs special, Dr. Seetha uses a very interactive and consultative style to determine an individually-tailored plan for progress at a pace comfortable for the individual, couple or family.

Dr. Seetha is strongly committed to providing her clients with the best possible service. She ensures a confidential, supportive and safe environment for her clients to address and work through their concerns. She subscribes to the highest ethical and professional standards set forth by the American Psychological Association and the California Board of Psychology, USA.

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